Sunday, 4 June 2017


LOW STOCK REPORT:  Just to let everyone know, I have only around 25 copies of the recently published FROM ANCIENT RAVENS by Mark Valentine, Ron Weighell and John Howard left. Check out:

I’m currently working on the next Sarob Press title and, all being well, hope to be able to announce details in a few weeks.

EARLY BIRD NEWS: Later this year, and if all goes to plan, Sarob Press will be publishing a twentieth anniversary SIGNED edition of Ron Weighell’s fabled The White Road. Although there are one or two things left to iron out, this newly typeset and re-imagined edition (with new design, art etc) is likely to contain 25* of the stories from the original ‘Ghost Story Press’ volume (with mostly minor revisions/corrections etc and presented in the author’s preferred order) PLUS a brand new novella (provisionally) entitled ‘Out of the Hidden Land’ featuring archaeologist James Calder-Stuart from ‘The Secret Place’. Details of what will be an extremely popular and a truly bumper book will be available late this summer.
*A few of the minor, or otherwise available, stories from the original edition have been left out to be replaced by Ron’s new novella.

Cheers, Robert.

Friday, 5 May 2017


I’ve just heard the terribly sad news that Richard Dalby has passed away.
Richard was a great friend to me (although we never actually met) and to Sarob Press.
The first book he edited and introduced for me was Margery of Quether and other weird tales by S. Baring-Gould in 1999. He brought me the “mistresses of the macabre” series (eight volumes) and the J.H. Riddell omnibus of four novellas.
He also introduced Basil Copper and John Glasby volumes for Sarob Press.
He will be greatly missed.

Sunday, 16 April 2017


All pre-publication orders for From Ancient Ravens have shipped and should already have touched down (or very nearly so for some folk).
A review (each of the three stories separately) is up at David Longhorn’s excellent Supernatural Tales blog ( and it’s a cracker ... very glad you enjoyed the book David.
And Des Lewis also praised the book highly and has real-time reviewed the book at
There are still some copies currently available if you’ve not yet ordered.
Cheers, Robert.

Sunday, 12 March 2017


PHANTASMS by PETER BELL is now SOLD OUT (although probably still available from specialist dealers).
Thanks everyone for helping make this one another roaring success.
FROM ANCIENT RAVENS (see below) is with my book printer and, all being well, I hope to be shipping pre-orders before the end of March. Already about 90% sold so don’t hang about if you haven’t ordered or reserved your copy.

Cheers, Robert.

Sunday, 12 February 2017



ROMANCES OF THE WHITE DAY, a volume in tribute to Arthur Machen by three (new) impostors, appeared from Sarob Press in May 2015. Rosemary Pardoe (in “The Ghosts & Scholars MR James Newsletter”) called the volume “... the most consistently excellent collection of stories I’ve read for years.”
Encouraged by the success of the Machen homage the impostors turned their thoughts toward Algernon Blackwood ... PAGAN TRIPTYCH (May 2016) was the rather fabulous result.
According to Shakespeare, ‘Time’s Glory is to calm contending kings ... To blot old books and alter their contents, To pluck the quills from ancient ravens’ wings’.
In this third, and final, shared volume, the three impostors use just such dark pens to evoke (in their own unique voices this time) the re-emergence of past shadows.

Mark Valentine ... THE FIFTH MOON ... the search for King John’s treasure ~ with a dark and diabolic twist
Ron Weighell ... THE ASMODEUS FELLOWSHIP ... a famous Budapest cafe, and a strange unholy gathering of story tellers
John Howard ... BETWEEN ME AND THE SUN ... past and present, secrets unveiled and a shocking coming of age

FROM ANCIENT RAVENS is a Lithographically Printed, Hand Numbered Limited Edition Hardcover, Bound in Wibalin (fine linen style), Foil Blocked to spine, Colour Dust-Jacket with wrap cover art, 80gsm Munken Premium Cream Bookwove, Section Sewn Binding, Head & Tailbands, Ribbon Marker & Coloured Endpapers.
Tipped-in SIGNATURE PAGE on fine ivory parchment paper with extra B&W art and SIGNED by all three authors.
Dust Jacket & Signature Page Art by Paul Lowe.
Publication currently scheduled for Late March 2017.

PRICES (inclusive of Postage & Packing)
UK: UK £32.50
Europe: 45,00 euros
USA & Rest of World: US $60.00

E-mail to order/reserve your copy and make payment by one of the methods detailed below.

Paypal: visit and send payment using our e-mail address
Cheque (payable to ROBERT MORGAN) [UK £ or USA $* only]
Cash. Cash at Senders Risk. (Euros ~ Paypal or Cash Only).
*Due to my fathers’ ill health in UK, all cheques/cash to French address only please.

Cheers, Robert.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017


The first review of PHANTASMS by PETER BELL is up on David Longhorn’s excellent Supernatural Tales blog ... check out

Cheers, Robert.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017


Hello Everyone ... Happy New Year.
PHANTASMS (Twelve Eerie Tales) by PETER BELL arrived a little later than expected from my book printer but I was able to check, number and pack all pre-publication orders and get them in the post comfortably before Christmas.
UK pre-orders posted from within the UK by Royal Mail on 13 December (should all have safely arrived before Christmas). USA, RoW and Europe pre-orders shipped from France on 17 December and, allowing for the post at this time of year, will have arrived or be touching down anytime about now.
All orders received after the 17 December have also now shipped.

Thanks, Robert.